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About Lovecart Store:


About Love Cart!!

About LoveCart:

As the number of shoppers on the Internet has grown the requirement of the online Marketing firms has also grown up similarly. Keeping the requirement in the mind the online stores are mushrooming at very fast, but to satisfy the hunger of the market search of the perfect online ends here at Lovecart.in

There are several people who sometimes get too busy in their work and forget to celebrate and failed to express their feelings and their relationship get destroyed. So LoveCart is for all to Express their love with Online and will try to Bond their relationship. Express Your Love!!!


In order to provide best solutions for online shopping Lovecart.in came into existence in Year 2000. Anyone who wants to shop online can also recommend their favorite products for others to discover and purchase online with us.

LoveCart.in An Online Shopping Store where user can Buy, Sell Gifts Related Products for Friends, Relatives, Family and Express Their LoveOne!!!

LoveCart is a Bond of Love , A Special Relation to Hold!!!

Who & Why Lovecart.in.

Who We Are: We are in process to setting benchmark for online stores while based on Delhi as a corporate. We have developed the passion to build up community to promote online shopping with excellent delivery rate.

What We Do: We sell, deliver and ensure the best opportunity for our user to shop. We are trusted source for safe transaction in E-commerce domain. The customer experience is at par with the advance technology and interactive marketing strategy. 

Why Choose us: Despite having many entrance at the online world we are still have the considerable amount of users. We have gained the confidence and attention of the Internet users as far as online social shopping is concerned.



•  We involve set of activity and intend to provide our customers an environmental, social, economical and best online shopping experience. We improve all aspects of the world in creating a better future with a smart, searchable website which works more than just registering a user but a clear, user friendly and secure mode of payment methods which is not only secure but also build up a quick fast and cost effecting services.


•  Our mission is to provide knowledge base to the society with professional staff who helps inspire and educate our customers to deal with any criticality while using our services. We are committed to develop value proposition for our customers and shareholders for self sustaining and long lasting relation.

The Love Team:

The Team & Management:

•  Our Management always takes reasonable steps to ensure that the people for whom they are responsible are aware of professional spectrum of the company.
•  Our Management has excellent range of intelligent worker and co-worker who not only well equipped with rich experience but also having a strong technical ability to deal with the complex situation.
•  Our Founder Mr. Ritesh Ranjan has spent considerable amount of time in the online marketing and while his tenure period he felt the need of an organization which fulfill the thrust of the market,  hence Lovecart.in has been launched with the same object.
•  Our co-founder Mr. Raghunath Tripathi  take all reasonable steps to ensure that the people for whom they are responsible are aware of and uphold the behaviors to serve the purpose of the organization.
•  We have 11 Core Team Members who have responsible for any Decision Making related to their Role and Functional Areas.
•  We have Strong Team and all of us are dedicated to LoveCart to deliver successfully at any time.

Our Characteristics:

•  Characteristics are the set of principle which guide any organization for long and sustaining future. We follow: 
•  Effective communication with higher responsiveness
•  Expert in handling complex situation with quality of services
•  Organized processes and cost effecting services
•  24*7 support on call, chat to the customers
•  Get timely, accurate, consistent, complete and fair services

Unique Gifts & Products:

•  We have all the general categories of the online purchasing however the unique gift item is the one which is unbeatable in the market.
•  We know the importance of that the gifts represents your emotions and to connect the same with the other the perfect gift is required.
•  We have got the best gifting products across the industry which specifically developed as per the requirement of our customers.

Services with us

•  Online shopping
•  Home delivery of the products purchased
•  Safe and secure online transactions
•  Product review, comparison and online survey
•  Unique gift products

Online shopping experience with us

•  We have grown quick and very short span of time for providing world class services. We have created a bunch of products which create a boom in industry. The shopping experience with us can never be compared in the market.
We have collected all possible products at one website and user friendly options so that our customer can enjoy the shopping experience at less complex system.

Transaction with us 

•  We have developed our system equipped with firewall to protect all the online transactions of our customers.
•  We are incorporated with all the payment options and most widely used payment gateways to enable our customer for use of services.
•  We ensure the success of every transaction made by customer however we always there if any failure happens.

Lovecart : Esteemed Clients

Esteemed clients:

•  Online Visitors
•  Retailer
•  SMEs
•  Corporate
•  Event Organizers
•  Artists
Why Lovecart Boasts….

•  Our unique products as per Market Trends & Design
•  Total Customer Satisfaction with our high-quality products / services.
•  Customized Solutions for variegated needs
•  Competitive Price & Timely Delivery
•  Globally recognized & intricate designs
•  Modern and Technically sound Infrastructure
•  Highly skilled and experienced professional
•  Effective Communication
•  High responsiveness
•  Organized Process
•  Commitment to Quality
•  24/7 Customer Support

We are committed to fulfill the needs of our customers by offering products of high quality and value.

We are also committed to deliver products & services through a structured delivery mechanism. We shall continuously strive to better our services by imparting knowledge to our employees.

We achieve our level of commitment by following these principles:

•  Our management team and Skilled & unskilled labors through their own practices and standards will endeavour to lead by example. They will give complete commitment and allocate the necessary resources to the quality policies and programmed initiated.
•  Everyone’s role in our team has the scope to contribute to continuous quality improvement. Those taking initiatives will generate efficient and effective conditions for staff to participate creatively in the planning, design, implementation and review of improvement activities.
•  We have set the benchmarks to fulfil the best quality standard and comparing our performances with those of competitors sharing the benchmark data with all relevant staff within the business.
•  Utilization of our resources such as Men, Machinery and Tools, Raw materials and Equipments effectively to optimum levels to attain the highest level of profit with the available resources.
•  Our Human resources are the assets of our organization, so we care our people and enriched them with a secure, safe, comfort and effective work environment at project sites.
•  Empower them with the power and responsibilities to specific task to specific individuals, leaders and managers so that we have developed them into effective workers, leaders, managers. 
•  Our Quality benchmarks assures quality conscious vendors of high repute and dependability.
•  We are always equipped with new and latest technologies in service and product selections. 
Our employees boasts for better and Timely completion of projects